equality transformation through

inclusion innovation impact

for a community of social sustainability

Eticss is a sustainable financial advisory firm

Our name is also our mission, we work to drive change by making sure that transformation is equal, that it happens through actions that take into account the 3I – impact, inclusion and innovation –  and goes towards a community of social sustainability.

“The earth is what we all have in common.”

Wendell Berry

What we do

Finance and sustainability will hopefully soon no longer be two separate concepts. For this to happen it is necessary that the tools adapt to the demands and that the demands adapt to the change.

The Eticss team is able to create paths to accompany entrepreneurial change and is constantly working to improve and innovate the tools in use.








Imagine a future where inclusion, innovation, and impact are integrated into decisions simply by default, as the “normal” way of doing business




Fabio Salviato


Founder first of Fair Trade and then of Banca Etica. Founder and president of FEBEA, the European Federation of Ethical Banks, in 2000 and in 2002 founder and director of SEFEA, the operational arm of the Federation. Fabio has worked for many years in Brussels as a consultant for the European Commission and is accredited to the EIB and the EIF. In Eticss Fabio deals with “sewing” together experiences and skills.

Enrico Fiore

Chairman Steering Committee

Enrico Fiore is a business angel and philanthropist, CEO and Co-Founder of Truyoins Ventures & Partners and also Ambassador Member of the Global Sustainability Network. He worked in the banking and financial sector as advisor of the first venture capital fund in Italy (Kiwi I) and for several international banks worldwide as asset manager. EU advisor for the Startup Europe Awards. In Eticss Enrico deals with “sewing” possibilities.

Giada Storti


Fundraiser and impact sustainable manager. Giada deals with financial technical assistance in the international area, construction of sustainability paths, relationships with research institutions and universities, evaluation of the social impact of investments and investment funds and feasibility studies on investment instruments dedicated to support the social economy sector. In Eticss she deals with “sewing” sustainable solutions

Marco Cappellaro

Head of start-up area

Marco is an expert in strategy and business management who provides assistance to start-ups and business projects in the financial and management areas. Marco manages other companies in the biotech and innovative engineering fields. Marco also has several years of experience working abroad where he was involved in the development of industrial and innovative start-ups especially in Asian markets. In Eticss Marco deals with “sewing” strategies of innovation.

Francesca Lo Re

Head of International Financial Services

Francesca brings more than twenty years of corporate banking and international development experience across Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa in impact investment, advisory services, and financial sector development. For the past seven years, with the World Bank Group she extended capacity building to governments, central banks, ministry lines, and private sector. Prior to that, Francesca has been in the banking and impact investing’s sectors, developing and managing investment portfolios in more than ten countries, financing and assisting microfinance institutions, SME banks, and fair-trade companies.

Umberto Bazan

Structured finance

Over the last 30 years he has worked as a business consultant, financial advisor, entrepreneur. He has been president of a small merchant bank in New York (Paladin Market Advisor) and member of investment committees for Italian funds and financial companies. He has led and participated in IPOs, Reverse Mergers, M&A transactions, bond issues and other public and private offerings in Italy and abroad. In Eticss Umberto is in charge of “sewing” financial plans.

Julia Di Campo

Training project manager

Pedagogista esperta nei processi formativi. Julia ha una decennale esperienza nel mondo del project design, della formazione e della ricerca. In Eticss si occupa di “cucire” soluzioni formative su misura.

Federica Ferlante

Social project manager

Giurista e urbanista esperta di progettazione sociale. Federica ha lavorato presso gli uffici legali di importanti realtà sociali. In Eticss si occupa di “cucire” idee e progetti.

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We are all living in a time of changes and the daily challenges that require different solutions and we at Eticss work every day to build new tools and tailored to the needs of all.